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Web Analytics
Do you need to install the latest analytics and tracking, have an in house team trained in any of the aspects mentioned above, launch a fully developed site in multiple languages, or just outsource any of your marketing needs? Then we are your team.

All Facets of Online Marketing
Kangamurra Media may be a new entry to the online marketing space but the people involved bring years of high level experience. Our team can
provide cutting edge implementaion of all facets of online marketing. Whether you seek assistance with design, search engine optimization, media buys, web analytics, PPC, email marketing, social and viral media, Kangamurra has a solution for you.

Make the Web Work for You
Our team consists of industry front runners who fully embrace the constantly changing world of the web. We love our work and will help you adopt the enthusiasm needed to be successful. We can handle all aspects of your online marketing so you can concentrate on what you do the best-develop your products and services and assist your customers.

Be it onsite training or full outsourced services or any stage in between, Kangamurra is ready to become your guide to the future.