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On Site Training

If you have people who are working on your web site in house let us come and train them in the latest ROI technology and methodology. PPC search marketing requires a thorough knowledge of at least a good web analytic tool, an ROI program and copywriting skills. Kangamurra works with clients to educate them about web analysis and tracking ROI and also helps develop copywriting abilities.

Learn Internet Marketing
We have the experience to be able to train people on most aspects of  internet marketing. Whether you need someone to develop your company’s
skill set with analytics, SEO abilities (both as a designer and a SEM),  the latest CSS and other design tricks, or just give a broad overview of where to concentrate your team’s efforts, we are the company to help you achieve those goals.

Customized Training
Think of this as having your own in-house training camp. We come prepared to teach and enlighten you about all ingredients of the marketing mix. The presentation and training is not theoretical like some off site courses may be. When we come to you we have already spent time shaping our training to your web presence needs. We do our research so you get the best possible results for your investment.

After all we are all about ROI.