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Paid Search Assistance

Keyword Research
A key step in any search-related media-spend is the identification of optimum target keywords. Our team takes 5 crucial elements into full account:

1. Our technology spiders your website and creates a map of the keywords you already use to best describe your business.
2. We wield the same technological process against the websites of your competitors in order to achieve an enhanced context.
3. Along with your help, our experienced researchers identify synonyms, slang, misspellings and syntax variations of each-and-every key phrase. Wherever possible we assign someone to the task who has experience specific to your vertical sector.
4. Kangaamurra then checks exactly how many times each phrase is searched for. This allows us to map keywords to a targeted demographic.
5. Kangamurra then checks the number of URLs that contain each keyphrase by data source e.g. directories, pay-per-click, web-feed. This allows us to identify the most cost effective way of reaching the target audience.

The above 5 crucial elements allow our research department to make fully-informed decisions about which key phrases will yield the best ROI. It also forms the starting point for the next stage of the optimization process – writing compelling copy which ensures your customer chooses your listing above the others the search engine returns.

For many brands, search engine visibility for their domain(s) is as important as generating visitors and conversions. Kangamurra uses automated position reports combined with knowledgeable interpretation. We compile weekly data of exactly where your URLs are positioned in the top search engines. Our reports group results by keyword, by engine and by position mapping for each instance and produce a ‘visibility score’ based on an estimate of how many searchers will see your listing. You can also track changes over time by keyword, engine or campaign.

Competitor benchmark position reports are also available so that you can compare your visibility with that of your key competitors.

We can also use the visibility technology to identify key domains which keep appearing against your target keywords. In this way we can help you identify new online competitors as they appear.

Creative Placement and Copywriting
Creative copywriting and placement moved along from banner ads a long time ago. It isn’t about selling impressions anymore. While placements can take many forms, they are essentially a paid-for advertisement with a ‘call to action’. This can be purely textual or integrated with graphics to strengthen your on-line identity.

Kangmurra understands creatives and search and we are able to leverage our experience to make sure campaigns are effectively planned and executed, ensuring a positive click through rate. We couple keyword research and analysis with a strong creative to maximize traffic and Return On Investment (ROI). As with all our search campaigns, we are able to track from the click directly through to an action.

PPC – The Changing Landscape
The last two years have seen many changes in the PPC space. Yahoo launched Panama, Google started Quality Scores and Inactivating keywords. The staff at Kangamurra Media are actively involved in keeping track of theses changes, both for our clients and for the industry in general through our work with various blogs and forums.

We know how to adapt to this changing landscape and will keep your account at the forefront of your industry.