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SEO Assitance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is one element of the search marketing mix necessary to increase online visibility and drive qualified new business to your site. In short, optimization involves making your site as ‘friendly’ as possible to the various search engines. The overall objective is to capture a potential customer at the point of search.

Fundamental to SEO and any search campaign is keyword analysis. The development of terms can be the difference between a good campaign, which delivers qualified new visitors, and a bad campaign that is low in relevancy and consequently, Return On Investment (ROI).

Client Side Optimization

As the name suggests, Client Side Optimization (CSO), is the direct optimization of pages from a client’s website. Each page is designed around specifically selected keywords and themes. Once optimized, each page is then added to the sitemap and the xml sitemap that numerous search engines use to keep track of sites, as well as submission to the Open Directory Project (ODP). The key benefit of CSO is its flexibility. We are able to create solutions according to your site’s needs, whether your site uses flat, dynamic or framed html environments. 

The goal to any optimization strategy starts with the definition of subject clusters and identifying entry points to your website, which will enhance the user experience by delivering them to the correct content within your site. However, the implementation will always involve giving the search engines more focused content while not disrupting the user experience. We can achieve this in a number of ways depending upon a site’s design and technology.

Remote Optimization

Remote optimization consists of creating a unique site, for an individual campaign, around a particular theme, product or service. Each site is hosted under a unique domain name and consists of a set number of pages, each specifically geared towards a different search engine, algorithm or keyword. This allows you to target specific engines and their respective network partners. The individual pages are then submitted to the relevant search engine feeds. 

Submission to the right directories, a certain number of reciprocal links, and a campaign to garner one way inbound links will be the next step in our process.

SEO requires a lot more effort these days. We can no longer keyword stuff, create doorway pages, or try some slick move you read on a forum. There is much to risk if you try to “black hat” the search engines. Even legitimate companies have problems with the constant changes the search engines make to their algorithms. The big three – Google, Yahoo and Microsoft – all have different weighted factors determining their search results. Kangamurra keeps in front of the curve and can make sure your site receives the latest assistance to be successful with organic listings.